Rebekah Van Tinteren



Rather Have You Wild

Released November 2016

Rather Have You Wild is collection of songs and instrumentals. The songs are a journey in themselves. They travel through forgiveness, discovering true beauty, creativity, and finding home again.

Four of the instrumentals were born in live, spontaneous violin moments on stage in worship sets. If the melodies returned to me, and I found myself singing them, I then developed them into a track. I've arranged the tracks to take you on your own journey, like a butterfly's dramatic transition from caterpillar to chrysalis, to flying. Like the butterfly, you can't jump from being a caterpillar to a butterfly. You can't build your own wings. Real butterflies know the chrysalis is necessary, but they are born to fly wild and free.


This Your Song

Released May 2013

This Your Song brings together Rebekah’s journey of diverse musical experiences and her passion for worship.

"When someone asked me, “Why have you left your dreams?” I said I didn’t currently have any… This album is the fruit of a dream I didn’t know I had. My heart is that you would still yourself to have God breathe on dreams known and unknown, and in the realizing you would be overwhelmed with the heart of One who is for you."