"Rather Have You Wild" Album Story

A few months after finishing This Your Song I started to get really curious about those other bags hanging from my tree! I prayed about fresh personal direction during the day and that night I had a dream. I was walking through a long school corridor and there were school kids pressing on both sides getting to where they needed to go. As they passed by they whispered to me “Psalm 33:3”. Then through open double school doors at the end of the corridor, a wind swirled in above my head and I could hear it repeatedly whispering “Psalm 33:3” to me.

The next morning I looked up Psalm 33:3 in The Passion translation. “Compose new melodies that release new praises to the Lord. Play His praises on instruments with the anointing and skill He gives you. Sing and shout with passion, make a spectacular sound of joy.” And so I began collating my melodies and scribbles.

When I create music, I want to take you on a journey of sound and mental imagery. The music I write crosses themes of culture (I’m an Aussie living in Northern California and have loved traveling extensively throughout the world), family (raising 3 beautiful kids with my husband) and matters of my heart. My sound is influenced by my love of world music, ethnic cultures, nature, my background in strings and my appreciation for authenticity in musical expression.

The songs on Rather Have You Wild are a journey in themselves. They travel through forgiveness, discovering true beauty, creativity, and finding home again. Four of the instrumentals were born in live, spontaneous violin moments on stage. If the melodies returned to me and I found myself singing them, I then developed them into a track. I’ve arranged the tracks to take you on your own journey, like a butterfly’s dramatic transition from caterpillar to chrysalis, to flying. Like the butterfly, you can’t build your own wings. Real butterflies know the chrysalis is necessary, but they are born to fly wild and free.

Rebekah’s lyrics and music suspend in the air and resonate deep.
— Jeff, Altanta Georgia