Rebekah Van Tinteren



I’m an Aussie living in Northern California, a violinist, singer, songwriter and an educator working with children. 

Although I have a broad professional freelance background, my favorite experiences have been playing to prisoners in Uganda, playing in a dump in the Philippines and singing on top of Uluru. I love sharing music I create and seeing people affected up close. Currently I’m learning to nurture creativity while raising my family.

My latest labor of love is my collection of songs and instrumentals, “Rather Have You Wild”. The songs are my recent, real life experiences about forgiveness, beauty, creativity and finding home. The instrumentals take you on a journey like a butterfly opening up to first flight. I developed the melodies when they returned to me after being born in live spontaneous worship settings.

The beauty Bek releases as she plays and worships is powerfully transforming and intimately captivating.
— Christa Black