“This Your Song” Album Story

What a journey! I landed in the US with my family (for 9 months) in 2009 and am still here in sunny California. Generally I am not partial to change so it was a huge move initially but it has been an incredible journey of growth, discovery and, well, birthing!

Yes in the natural I had my third baby, but I also explored the birthing of new expressions of creativity. This is something I suspect only surfaces in you when you stop doing the ususal, everyday routine long enough to realize there is more inside you!

We arrived in September and by October I felt like my body was going “out of tune”. After aquiring a piano, I was balanced again! It’s been my happy place since I was a teenager; writing songs, noodling and letting out emotion through it.

In November, a woman asked me, “Why have you left your dreams?” I blurted out that I didn’t have any because I had young children and was constantly sleep deprived. I was aware it was a feeble response, which her expression confirmed! She suggested I close my eyes and I immediately saw a tree with zipped up suit bags hanging in the lower branches either side of the tree trunk. It was new for me to see pictures this vividly. I wasn’t sure what the picture meant except I knew my dreams were zipped up in those bags!

A few days later, I was standing in the worship time at church and I saw the tree again, but this time a monkey climbed down the trunk. It was giggling behind its hand. Then, leaning away from the trunk, it cheekily unzipped one of the bags and out swirled music. I felt God was speaking to me so I said “You are clearly unzipping one of my dreams,” and then proceeded to run through a vague list of what dream it could be. The answer was “No” to everything on my list. I then heard, “It’s your songwriting dream!” to which I responded, “Do I have a songwriting dream?”

So, evidently it was in there, the seed, buried by routine and great, worthwhile endeavors. But now the desire to create in a new way had germinated. Basically (and my husband can testify), I went through a two year period of being completely obsessed with creating! I would hear melodies, choirs in the night, words, and had more pictures and visions which became fuel for tracks that would become part of “This Your Song” (2013).  

“My heart for you is that you would still yourself to have God breathe on dreams known, and unknown, and in the realizing you would be overwhelmed with the heart of One who is for you.”  (from “This Your Song” cover)