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"Rather Have You Wild" Album Story

The songs on Rather Have You Wild are a journey in themselves. They travel through forgiveness, discovering true beauty, creativity, and finding home again. Four of the instrumentals were born in live, spontaneous violin moments on stage. If the melodies returned to me and I found myself singing them, I then developed them into a track...

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“Basel: Wehmut and Homecoming” Song Story

One night I was laying in bed back in Basel and heard a melody. It was winter cold and I was feeling a little homesick. Initially I thought the melody was coming from next door or outside, but I then realized it was in my head! It was a surreal experience and I quickly grabbed a guitar to capture it as I felt it would be lost otherwise...

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“This Your Song” Album Story

In November, a woman asked me, “Why have you left your dreams?” I blurted out that I didn’t have any because I had young children and was constantly sleep deprived. I was aware it was a feeble response, which her expression confirmed! She suggested I close my eyes and I immediately saw a tree with zipped up suit bags hanging in the lower branches either side of the tree trunk...

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